Carly Evans, Class of 2022, has recently been accepted to participate as an intern in the Georgia Governor’s Internship Program during the Spring 2022 semester. She is one of only thirteen university students selected by GOV Kemp’s office and will be spending her time in the Governor’s Executive Office.

Currently a Junior in the department pursuing a B.S. in Political Science with a pre-Law concentration and looking to graduate in December 2022, Carly began her academic career at UNG when she was a North Hall High School student participating in Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program. It was with the strong encouragement from a number of faculty members that Carly decided to apply for the internship. “When I did hear about [the internship], I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I knew it would be a really good way to serve people, but also further my education and my understanding of government.” In pursuing the internship, she credits her love of political science and the support of the faculty. “My professors have made such a positive impact on my life and have made me a better student. I appreciate them. I’m so thankful to be a student in the political science department, and I would not want to be in any other area.”

As Carly’s advisor, instructor, and one of her strongest advocates, Professor Cristian Harris is excited for Carly in her new role. When asked about his time as her instructor, Professor Harris noted that Carly’s academic performance has been “impressive” and reflected warmly that his “experience with her has always been positive. She is a wonderful student…I think she is always eager for a challenge. She genuinely wants to learn.”

In addition to the support she received from PSIA faculty members, members of UNG’s Career Services Office also played a role in Carly’s successful pursuit of this opportunity. One of the Office’s main contributions (as it does with all students) was to help Carly fine-tune her application materials and interview skills so she was well-prepared when applying to the Governor’s program. As Lisa Geddings, a Specialist with Career Services said: “[We] enjoy helping students … It is always rewarding to meet with students and learn about their exciting experiences and all they have gained from an internship.”

The Georgia Governor’s Internship Program affords students with the opportunity to gain professional experience in the political process while earning academic credit and a modest stipend. A prestigious and highly competitive program, the internship is open to upperclassmen, graduate students, and law students from throughout the United States. Interns perform a number of tasks and duties for the Governor’s office based on need. These tasks include anything from research and data compilation to planning events and general administrative duties.

For Carly, the Governor’s Internship Program is another way for her to serve the public. As the Vice President of Kappa Delta, Carly has a passion for working with and aiding the community. Referring to the sorority’s philanthropic efforts to prevent child abuse, Carly emphasized that “Even small philanthropic efforts can create meaningful impact in the lives of others,” and that her work as a Kappa Delta has “has shaped my heart for service and has shown me how fulfilling it is to positively impact the lives of others through service.” While Carly is not yet sure what her specific duties will be, she is eager to begin in her new position and looks forward to fulfilling her role, emphasizing that the “internship is a great way to serve Georgia.”