Documenting COVID-19

Share your story 

UNG Special Collections & Archives needs your help! As a part of our mission to document the people, places, and events of Northeast Georgia, we’d like for you to share your COVID-19 story with us. Our goal is to collect the stories you share, preserve them and make them available for future generations of students, scholars, and researchers. Your stories offer unique perspectives into life during the 2020 quarantine. All of us have had major changes affect our daily lives, whether you’re a parent who is now working from home and helping you children with school work or a business owner that has had to change your service model to accommodate for social distancing. Nothing is too mundane to share, the little things give us a complete picture of what it’s like for everyone. While we encourage our students, faculty, and staff to contribute to the collection, we also welcome submissions from the broader UNG community – alumni and residents of Northeast Georgia. 

What we’re asking you to share are some of things you’re already sharing via Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform. Photos, videos, notes of encouragement or stories about what is going on in your life. These may be photographs you’ve taken of your family, local businesses, or signs you see around town. You may also be keeping a journal about this time in your life or just jotting down notes about things that have happened to you during the quarantine. Maybe you’re creating something and you’d like to share a song you’ve written or a painting you’ve done. All of these are wonderful insights into the times we’re living in. 

To submit your story, please use our collection form and either upload your file here or email it to Submissions can be handwritten or typed, videos, photographs, or audio files and multiple submissions are welcome. Please don’t worry about length, spelling, grammar, or handwriting, we just want to hear your story! 

Not sure what to submit? 

  • What has brought you joy during this time? Have you written a story, poem, song you’d like to share? Have you finished a project, performed a song, painted, etc.? 
  • What do you miss or is there something you’ve lost? 
  • Have you made masks or designed a pattern for masks? Have you volunteered somewhere?  
  • What has it been like switching to working/schooling from home? Has a child/neighbor/co-worker done something funny or uplifting? 
  • Do you have photos of walks around town? Have you taken pictures of signs or businesses around town that you could share? Did your neighborhood participate in a “bear hunt” or did someone hide Easter eggs on your lawn for your children at Easter? 
  • How did you celebrate Easter and Mother’s Day?
  • Do you attend a church, how has service changed? Are you attending online or is your church offering a drive-in option?
  • How has your professional life changed? If you’re still going to work are there new procedures in place for entering the building (i.e. temperature taking, getting a new mask, picking up gloves, etc.) or for daily activities (i.e. only one table in the breakroom so lunch is staggered or has new partitions/cubicles/equipment been installed)?  
  • For healthcare professionals and first responders – what procedure changes have you seen? How do you feel about what is happening? What is it like working in pandemic conditions?  
  • How do you stay in touch with family, friends, coworkers, etc.? Maybe you’ve done “window visits” with family members in nursing homes or have weekly Zoom or Facetime calls with your friends.