We Moved

Starting with this edition (January 2023), the DETI Digest has moved to the DETI section of myUNG.

Moving content from one website to another is a very slow process. Links to stories on this site website (WordPress) will continue to work until February 2023. New content, and an archive of all DETI Digest posts, will be available on myUNG by that date.

Go to the DETI Digest on myUNG

Bookmark this link to DETI Digest on myUNG. UNG login may be required.

If you don’t have the link handy, here is an easy way to get to the DETI Digest on myUNG:

Use the Quicklinks menu on UNG.edu and select myUNG. If necessary, use your UNG login credentials and 2FA to access the myUNG website.

Click myUNG on the Quicklinks menu.
Click the DETI button on myUNG.
Select DETI Digest from the left rail of the DETI section and click DETI Digest Homepage or DETI Training Calendar. A DETI Digest Archive will be added at a later date.