NISTS Research Grant Recipients

Past Recipients


Ewers, L. & Bakken, L. (2011) Undergraduate Perceptions of Science Training and Research (UPSTAR): The Transfer Student Perspective.

Granholm, K., Coffin Koch, L., Lingren Clark, B., & Gruszka, L. (2011) Recipe for success: Indentifying the impact of incoming characteristics on transfer student transition, retention, and graduation.  


Luzbetak, A.  (2010).  Supplementing transfer student advising with online transfer articulation resources for satellite campuses.


Cohen-La Valle, R. & Citera, M.  (2009).  Transfer student self-reliance and its relationship to adjustment and academic performance in the millennial transfer student.

Zerquera, D. & Wallace, L.  (2009).  An exploration of transfer trends and perceptions of newly implemented levels of transfer and articulation policies, the Indiana case.


Peska, S. & Bragg, D.  (2008).  Timing is everything: a comparative study of the adjustment of fall and mid-year community college transfer students as a public four-year university.

Stinard, C. & Jungblut, B. (2008).  University of community college collaboration in pre-admission advising: improving students’ transition to the university and progress to graduation.


Martinez, R. (2007).  The effects of internal and external factors on transfer student access to elite public universities.

Ray, M. & Jedinak, A. (2007).  Technology and transitions: academic usage among traditional age transfer students.


Townsend, B. & Wilson, K.  (2006).  University actions and dimensions affecting transfer students’ academic and social integration.

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