Six-Plus Ways to Get Involvedpfa-volunteers
Volunteering to serve on committees of the UNG Parents & Family Association provides numerous ways local families, families from the outer reaches of Georgia, as well as our many out-of-state parents can pitch in. We need help with our online networks, evaluating award applications, greeting new students on move-in day, hosting new parent gatherings at local Dahlonega restaurants, conducting fundraisers, designing flyers, and more.

Below, each committee has provided a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document that may help you evaluate which committees interest you most, along with the forms we use for evaluating award requests, holding elections and hosting dinners, among other projects:

Ad Hoc Committees

    The PFA’s By-Laws were a work-in-progress until the April 2015 meeting of the Association when newly revised By-laws were approved. This ad-hoc committee revised the document to better reflect the association’s procedures. If you would like to discuss changes to the PFA’s Bylaws, please let us know.
    UNG Parents & Family Association By-Laws

    Standing Committees
    This committee addresses the unique needs of the cadet students and their parents and makes recommendations to the Council for support accordingly.
    Cadet Life Committee SOP

    This committee is responsible for producing print media and overseeing the PFA website, email updates and social media outlets for the purpose of keeping parents informed about events, activities and other matters relating to UNG. The Communications Committee also provides information on the business of the PFA and Council to PFA members.
    Communications Committee SOP

    This committee is responsible for membership support and for support of the welfare and morale of UNG parents and families. Areas of involvement include, but are not limited to: new student orientation, FROG Graduation and Move-in Day. The committee also makes recommendations to the Council regarding benefits and services needed for PFA members.
    Hospitality Committee SOP

    This committee maintains a standardized procedure for requests of PFA funding, which includes eligibility guidelines and established deadlines for consideration. The committee reviews funding requests made by University departments, student groups and student organizations. Proposals approved by the Awards Committee will be submitted to the Council for vote.
    Awards Committee SOP
    How to Apply for a PFA Award
    Form used by Awards Committee to track award requests:
         Award Tracking Form

    This committee makes recommendations for generating income to the PFA treasury and for disbursing money from the treasury. The committee generates an annual operating budget to submit to the Council for proposal at the spring annual meeting.
    Finance Committee SOP

    The Fundraising Committee makes recommendations to the PFA Council for raising the funds we use to award student groups and to host parent and student gatherings. The committee also coordinates details of the various fundraising activities.

    This committee oversees the annual elections process and is responsible for communicating with active members regarding annual elections procedures, collecting willingness to serve forms and conducting the vote at the fall annual meeting.
    Nominations and Elections SOP