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UNG student love you mom and dad The PFA’s public Facebook page provides parents with helpful reminders about deadlines and events at the Dahlonega campus. Meanwhile, our closed Facebook groups give parents a private place to share photos and videos, ask questions, and discuss the changes required of being a parent of young adults. if you’d like to join one of our private groups, find “UNG Parents” or “North Georgia Cadet Parents” in Facebook, click JOIN GROUP, and answer the questions. (Please note that membership in the two private groups is limited to one or the other.)

Blue-Ridge-Rifles-275x150 With academic excellence as our goal, we changed our focus last year to finding ways to award scholarships. To date, we’ve given over $100,000. This helps make our students’ future alma mater a great choice for the country’s brightest students, increasing future networking and career opportunities for all.

dd-275x150 If your student uses your PFA discounts like our students do, you’ll save enough to pay for your PFA membership in one semester! Best news of all? You get a discount card, your student gets a discount card, and you can also take a photo of the card for use via smartphone!

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