When the University of North Georgia’s (UNG) Chinese Language Flagship program came up for re-authorization this spring, it was not simply a renewal application. The process was an open competition for schools that wanted to become a Chinese Flagship for the first time as well as those with existing programs.


“This announcement is an indication of the great success the existing program has had since its inauguration in 2011,” said Dr. Christopher Jespersen, dean of UNG’s College of Arts and Letters. “The dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff and the success of the students who have come through the program speak volumes about the excellence and synergy we’ve created. We look forward to another four years of providing great opportunities for current and future UNG students.”

“Our efforts and what we do are validated. Our program is solid,” said Chi-Hsuan Catterson, senior lecturer of Chinese and academic director of UNG’s Chinese Language Flagship. “We always want more students who are willing to take this challenge.”

Interested students must apply for the Chinese Flagship program by the first semester of their sophomore year. Applications may be submitted on the UNG Chinese Language Flagship website.

Read more on UNG Newsroom website: https://ung.edu/news/articles/2020/06/ung-secures-another-4-year,-1.2-million-chinese-language-flagship-grant.php?fbclid=IwAR33WuMjZjucIudtt6iyBuEYpW-tltDnzKhnfz984B7MornkTSefAZ8RcJw

Congratulations to our Chinese Program and students.