Congratulations to the Division of World Languages and Cultures and to the Korean Program, at UNG for the successful example, Rachael Bryant.

Bryant graduated from the University of North Georgia in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and two minors in English and Korean. She is currently working as an English teacher in South Korea as a grantee of the 2017 South Korean Fulbright ETA scholarship.

Along with teaching at a private all girls high school, she is also able to contribute to other organizations such as KBI (Korean Bridge Initiate) program, which provides free English classes to low income students She is a current Co-Director of Mokpo’s KBI branch.

She is also a volunteer with a North Korean defector program that provides English tutoring to elementary grade students.

She will continue to study Korean, travel to as many landmarks as possible, and improve her skills as an educator.”

UNG languages wish her the best of luck in South Korea.