Maria Bortolucci isn’t one to let challenges daunt her. A native of Brazil, Maria came to the University of North Georgia in the 2017 fall semester and has been an active member in the Honors Program. An undergraduate majoring in international affairs, with a regional concentration in Latin American, Maria has presented at several conferences, one of the most recent being the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference (GURCA), conducted virtually in October 2020.

In the 2020 spring semester, Maria worked with Dr. Joshua Martin to upgrade her Spanish class to fulfill honors requirements. That retooling entailed a research component, which culminated in a research project examining the cyclical nature of coloniality and the exploitation of both indigenous communities and vital resources as represented in the film También la lluvia (2010).

Her presentation was titled “The Political Marginalization of Indigenous Communities: An Analysis of Icíar Bollaín’s También la Lluva (2010).”

“Maria was, and is, a stellar student by any metric,” Martin says. “She asked tough questions, eagerly dived into the research, and focused on areas that were relevant to her broader interests. Both her paper and her presentation were fantastic, and we’re proud of the intellectual curiosity that she and other like-minded students demonstrate year and after year.”

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures send their congratulations and best wishes to Maria on her successful presentation!