In February, the Qatar Foundation International LLCnew window (QFI) awarded a grant to UNG for its Arabic SLI program. The $39,000 grant will provide scholarships to 10 dual-enrolled or joint-enrolled students to attend the six-week summer program on UNG’s Dahlonega Campus. Last year, QFI only awarded the grant to five institutions. UNG joins those rankings this year, Awad Awad, lecturer of Arabic at UNG, said.

“This is a win all the way around for them and for us,” said Dr. Chris Jespersen, dean of the College of Arts and Letters at UNG. “We will get students who are college bound onto campus and expose them to our language program. And the students jumpstart their college careers by earning eight credit hours and being at a more advanced level in language when they enroll.”

Students interested in the SLI program and scholarship should:

Once accepted, students will be required to complete a statement of purpose expressing financial need and their personal interest in Arabic.

Graduating seniors will not be eligible for the scholarship, but would still be eligible to attend SLI if successfully admitted to UNG.

Congrats to Arabic SLI Program and the College of Arts and Letters at UNG.