Ms. Jessica Cappellini established a Faculty-Led study abroad program in Parma, Italy. Students will experience firsthand Italian history, art, music, food, and contemporary life during an intensive 5-week Italian language and culture program in collaboration with the Universita di Parma! Students will fly on May 18 and return on June 21.

This 5-week program provides students with the opportunity to get a full-immersion experience in Italian Language + Culture. In collaboration with the University of Parma, students will complete an intensive Intermediate or and Advanced Italian Language program and will participate in a multidisciplinary content course in Italian. Each week is dedicated to a different topic (Italian history, visual arts, music, literature, and food culture) where students will use the city of Parma as their classroom. Field trips may include visits to the Cathedral, the Opera Theatre, the Barilla Academy and the National Gallery. The city of Parma was Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2020. It affords limitless opportunities for students to speak Italian and to attend events throughout the city. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to visit Bologna, Ferrara, and Milano with the option to go to Modena and Maranello and to visit the Ferrari museum as well.