On Saturday Nov. 12, Open Day House at UNG featured academic and activities showcases, information sessions, and guided campus tours at the Dahlonega Campus. It was part of the Open House series in  all UNG campuses, including Gainesville on Oct 14, Oconee on Oct 21, Blue Ridge on Oct 26, Cumming on Oct 26, and finally Dahlonega on Nov. 11.

UNG Dahlonega showcased various language programs including: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian; and the Summer Language Institute.

The Department of Spanish represented by the faculty members: Dr. Ary Malaver Copara, Mr. Yishin Hu, Dr. Joshua Martin, Dr. Andrea Mukdsi, and Dr. Alvaro Torres-Calderon, welcomed prospective students and their parents to answer their questions about the Spanish Program.

In addition, Tyler Avret and Benjamin Middleton, two students from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, participated to share their experience in learning a foreign language and the summer language institute opportunity at UNG.

The Arabic Booth represented by two Arabic majors, Michelle Fallon and Angel Rosemond, and two Arabic faculty members: Dr. Juman Al Bukhari, and  Mr. Awad Awad, welcomed students and their parents. Also, they discussed some opportunities  in the Arabic Program, and learning Arabic Language and Culture, as well as study abroad opportunities in the Arab World.

Other faculty members participated in the Open House to represent the Department of Modern and Classical Languages included faculty members; Ms. Chi-Hsuan Catterson (Chinese), Ms. Tatiana Maslova (Russian), and Dr. Jiyoung Daniel (Korean).

Dr. Joshua Martin and Dr. Andrea Mukdsi with UNG guests at the Spanish Booth.
Dr. Joshua Martin discussing opportunities with guests at the Spanish Booth
Students from Languages represent the Summer Language Institute to share their experience with learning a foreign language and SLI opportunity. Tyler Avret on the left, and Benjamin Middleton on the right.
Two students majoring in Arabic representing the Arabic Program share their successful experience with learning Arabic Language and Culture. Michelle Fallon on the right, and Angel Rosemond on the left.