Dr. Tianyu Qin at the Department of Modern and Classical Languages has published a book chapter in the edited volume Crossing Boundaries in Researching, Understanding, and Improving Language Education, published by Springer (February, 2023). Dr. Qin’s contribution is titled “Computerized Mediation in the Instruction and Development of L2 Pragmatic Competence: A Dynamic Assessment Perspective”.

The study reported in this chapter centers on Chinese learners’ ability to comprehend implicature (i.e., implied meaning) with computerized mediation through dynamic assessment. The chapter also discusses the current situation of pragmatic instruction in language classrooms and the potential of computerized mediation to facilitate the development of second language learners’ pragmatic competence and to cross boundaries in learning environments and traditional teacher-student roles for ubiquitous learning of languages.

This is the link to the chapter:



Congrats, Dr. Qin!