Dr. Joshua D. Martin has published a book chapter in the edited volume, Espectros del poder: Representaciones y discursos de reistencia en literatura y cine en los siglos XX-XX1, edited by Dr. JM. Persánch (Western Oregon University) and Dr. Fabrício Silva (Lebanon Valley College). Titled “Entre fronteras y fantasmas: Un acercamiento al trauma transgeneracional y al nacionalismo masculinizado en Names on a Map” (“Between ghosts and borders: Approaching transnational trauma and masculinized nationalism in Names on a Map”), the chapter examines the representation of cyclical wars in a novel by Chicano author Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Martin argues that these conflicts are advanced by a masculinized nationalism that creates traumas stretching well into the future, the effects of which inform how characters understand themselves and their relationship to the national community.

Martin elaborates …

“This collection came about as the result of a seminar that a few of my colleagues and I took years ago at the University of Kentucky with Professor Enrico Mario Santí, one of the world’s leading scholars on the Nobel Prize winning poet Octavio Paz. Grounded in the field of spectral studies, the seminar explored constructions of power in the context of trauma, both individual and collective, and how those experiences create ripple effects that manifest themselves in constructions of personal and national identity, where the past and the present interconnect. This collection elaborates on those themes with literary and film criticism spanning the Americas, the Caribbean, Spain, and Africa.”

The volume is published by Editorial Pliegos (Madrid).

Congratulations, Josh!