Juman Al Bukhari, a professor in Arabic, has been selected by the Department of Distance Education & Technology Integration at UNG to work on technology use in classroom for Spring 2018.
Thanks to the Department of Distance Education & Technology Integration for providing our students in Arabic with the iPads to help Dr. Al Bukhari investigate specific skills in the acquisition of second language through technology.
Congratulations to Professor Al Bukhari.
Students in Arabic 1002 having fun with their iPads inside the classroom.
Row 1 from the right: Laine Hunt, Rebecca Alfaro, Megan Collins, Morgan Sims, and Dr. Al Bukhari
Row 2 from the right:Gabriel (Michael) Holder, Daelen McMorrough, Jeana Adams, Angel Belgodere Pagan, 
Row 3 from the right: Justin Harper, Holden Gosset, Jonathan Hetzler, Elliot Sperin.
Students in Arabic 3120 using their ipads inside the classroom.
From the left: David Trettel, Madelyn Beachman, Madison Brooks, Dr. Al Bukhari, and Riane Hood.