A Poet and an educator, Xánath Caraza is visiting both the Dahlonega and the Gainesville Campuses  on March 6th and March 7th, respectively.

Caraza will present topics on Latina, Chicana and Indigenous’ Women.

These events will be very informative and enriching for the community in Dahlonega and Gainesville.

Special thanks to the Spanish department, the organizer Dr. A Torres Calderón, and Dr. Elizabeth Combier, Dr. Maria Guadalupe Calatayud, Ms. Jessica Bennington, Dr. Gael Guzman Medrano, and Ms. Belkis Barrios for their support.

Thanks to Dr. Kelly McFaden from the Gender Studies Council, and Tara Overzat from the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and the representatives of the students from Latin American Student Organization “LASO”, and Latino Student Association.

Finally, thanks to the rest of the Spanish faculty for promoting the event.