Students from the Spanish Department joined Mr. David Hair and Dr. Alfredo I. Poggi in the summer of 2019 to study Spanish Language and Culture in Spain.
Our new UNG in SPAIN program is a multi-destination experience that takes our students from the arid central plain of Castilla La Mancha’s ancient walled city of Cuenca to the northwestern Atlantic coastal region of Galicia.
Along the way, our students experience Spain’s vibrant capital city, Madrid, as well as travel by train through wild and remote regions that remain undiscovered by most foreign visitors. They can also enjoy optional excursions to places like Valencia or Porto (Portugal)!

In addition, students take part in a week-long portion of the medieval pilgrimage hike of the Camino de Santiago, during which our students follow in the steps of many others on a path of self-discovery steeped in Spanish language, culture, and tradition, all while

experiencing the best nature has to offer in Spain!

Our students attend courses at the respective TSE (True Spanish Experience) campuses with local faculty as well as with the accompanying UNG professors. They receive 9 hours of academic credit directly through UNG. All students enroll in SPAN 4990, which forms the cultural and linguistic basis of the entire 5-week program. Also, they choose two other courses from 7 different options (including SPAN 2001/2002). During their courses , they participate in a variety of cultural activities, such as surfing, kayaking, cooking, dancing, sports, and more, that foster their Spanish skills within various linguistic contexts.

Congratulations to Joanna Irvin, Alexis Whitney, Bailey Lester, Carlie Rebecca Thayer, Ansley Janes, Isabella Rose Gray, Isabella E Hunnicutt, Madison Emily Cooper, Catlin Corrales, Rachel Carmen Sloan, Ximena Luna, Melissa Silva, Gabriella Alexandra Fleck, Liliana Salinas, Natalie Macy, Lexus Paulette Verge, Benjamin Renner , Josh Holbert, Margaret Bruckner , Sarah Grace Adolphson, Melissa Tyler, Mackenzie Denae Ford for completing their study abroad program successfully. Also, congratulations to Mr. Hair and Dr. Poggi on this unique program in Spain.