UNGAL 2014



Welcome to the webpage for the 2014 University of North Georgia’s College of Arts & Letters’ biannual conference. The 2014 conference represents the third time this event has taken place. The third time, it has often been said, is the charm, but this time, the program committee has set its sights a little higher than simply being charming.

For 2014, the program theme is “Utopia in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.” Led by Dr. Rebecca Johnston in the Department of Music, the program committee has once again offered an opportunity to consider a significant theme in new and creative ways for faculty and independent scholars from multiple disciplines. And once again, authors of the very best presentations at the conference will be invited to submit their presentations to a volume on the topic, to be fully peer-reviewed and published by the University Press of North Georgia.

Although much remains the same from previous conferences, including the beautiful setting in the mountains, what is different is that we are now the University of North Georgia (formerly two separate institutions: North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College). Our consolidation into a four-campus, fifteen-thousand-student institution of higher education in the northern region of Georgia represents an exciting opportunity for students, faculty, and staff.

So too does this conference. It is through sharing research and creative activities in a stimulating setting, both intellectually and in terms of the senses, that we advance knowledge and push the boundaries of our disciplines.

We look forward to you joining us in 2014.

T. Christopher Jespersen
College of Arts and Letters