Long day

Today: 30.7 miles
Trip: 1312.3

There was almost no current to deal with today, so I applied a lesson I learned on Logan Martin: When conditions are good for paddling, paddle! There was some sort of fishing contest going on today on Lake H. Neely Henry, so a couple of morons blew by in bass boats doing in the neighborhood of 90 mph in fog. I was really careful to display lights on my boat and stay out of the channel.

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Gadsden, AL

Gadsden: Been there, done that. 2:00 pm, January 12.

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Tough paddle & portage

Today: 12.7 miles—11.2 paddling, 1.5 portaging
Trip: 1281.6 miles

Yesterday’s paddling was fantastic because as I got closer to H. Neely Henry Dam, the current very noticeably subsided. Apparently, no power was being generated at the dam.

That was not the case this morning, though. It was running 3 to 4 mph mid-channel where I camped. By staying along the edges and working eddies,
I was able to make good progress, ~3 mph until the last mile. The current there was much faster. Then, in the last half mile, it became so swift that I could barely make it around fallen trees. The necessitated building up speed before pulling out into the faster current. It was so swift that I was concerned a couple of times about being swept back into trees that I had just gotten around.

I did make it, though, up into the quiescent old river channel, where I was to find my portage route. Unfortunately, the signs for my take out and those along the nearby road were gone, apparently as a result of an over-enthusiastic bush hog mower operator. Further up, the signs were in place. On part of the trail, a dirt, woods road, was blocked off. I went around by the paved road, which I suspect was easier. I had expected the portage to take 2 hours, but it took 3 1/2.

The lake was very foggy, and it rained occasionally. As a result, I only came 5 miles up the lake, but I expect to hit it early tomorrow.

My take out. That’s the stern of my canoe at the top of the hill where I carried stuff up.


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About done with Logan Martin

Today: 22.2 miles
Trip: 1268.9 miles

I started paddling in the fog this morning and ended in dog this afternoon. It’s just been cloudy, misty, and sprinkly all day, a great day for paddling! It appears that H Neely Henry was not releasing water today; I had very little current to contend with.

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Blog down a while

If you had trouble accessing this or any other North Georgia blog in recent days, it was due to the transition process as NGCSU became University of North Georgia. The miracle workers at IIT had it all fixed in short order.

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Hot shower, soft bed

Today: 19.0
Trip: 1246.7

I am in a motel on US 78 near I-20. Got laundry done. I felt really good today in spite of the light rain early in the day and dreary skies all day. The real high point of the day was meeting Alan Battle, owner of Riverside Marina. Alan very gratuitously allows me to lock my boat up on his premises and made two trips with his golf cart to haul my stuff to the motel.

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Up and around Logan Martin Dam

Today: 10.5 miles—9.0 paddling, 1.5 portage
Trip: 1227.7 miles

The portage should have only been a mile, but the ASRT map of the portage is wrong and all of the portage signs have been taken down. I expected 2 to 2 1/2 hours, but then portage took 3 1/2 hours. A half hour of that was cutting brush with a pocket knife. But, it’s done, and I am in a very comfortable camp just about a mile north of the dam.

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Into Childersburg

Today: 11.7 miles
Trip: 1217.2 miles

I paddled into Childersburg, AL today. For the last two miles coming into town, I smelled grilling meat, so by the time I got there, I was ravenous. There was a nice dock adjacent to the US231 bridge, so I tied up there. I followed my nose to a nearby grill, where I had a 14 oz. ribeye with trimmings. Mmm good! I walked on to a grocery store, where I got the items on my list plus a pint Mayfield Strawberries with Homemade Vanilla. Ice cream doesn’t keep well in the canoe, so I ate it all.

I made it a point to locate a campsite removed from development and to do so before sundown. I had clothes to wash, and I was in need of a bath. I got both done, but it was not easy. The water was definitely colder than last time. It sure feels good to be clean, though.

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I was pretty chilly this morning, and I had oriented the tent to catch morning sun, so I decided to take my time about getting moving, but my plan was flawed. The moisture from my breath that didn’t vent from the tent froze on the inside of the rain fly and is now melting and raining inside—lesson learned!

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Well, shoot!

Today: 23.2 miles by GPS (26.5 by map)
Trip: 1205.5 miles

I met two very interesting fellas today, Matt and Mark. Unlike every other fishermen I have seen, they were fishing for crappie, for which these lakes are best known. We had a pleasant conversation.

Toward sunset, I was paddling close to shore when a shotgun blast ripped the area and, simultaneously, something hit my hat. I had some rather harsh words for the hunter, who, to his credit, came out of the bushes about 40 yards away to make sure I was okay and to apologize. No holes in the hat!

I’m expecting to get really close to the next portage tomorrow, but I don’t expect to portage until Tuesday morning.0

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