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Another fine story by Shannon Casas, Gainesville Times

Posted by on February 14, 2013

Shannon Casas is someone to watch. This young woman has now written three pieces on my trip, and she always gets it right. She listens, she gets the facts right, and she writes well. Her stories are available online. The latest, with a nice attached video, is at .

One Response to Another fine story by Shannon Casas, Gainesville Times

  1. Shannon Casas

    You are too kind. Seriously, it was a joy to interview you. You are an inspiration. When you get some of this data pulled together, I’d like to do another story. The ACF basin is a pretty big deal to us in Gainesville, given Lake Lanier’s role in the water wars. We usually focus on the availability of the water, but taking a look at the quality could be interesting to our readers, I think.

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