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Almost bit off more than I could chew

Posted by on February 3, 2013

Today: 14.0 miles Trip: 1453.5 miles

Richard Grove took me back to the point upriver of Canton where he took me off January 22. With the owner’s permission, we portaged the boat and equipment down through a pasture, loaded the boat (probably a mistake) and then maneuvered down into the water. It was a difficult site, and if I had it to do again, I would have put the boat in first and then loaded it. No do-overs, though. The new paddle continues to come apart where it had started to delaminate on its second day in the water. It got so bad and difficult to use that I ended up using the kayak paddle almost all day. The river was still up from the heavy rains, so much so that paddling was quite a challenge. Four rapids were so fast that I was unable to paddle up them, and the water was too deep and too fast to get in and walk the boat up. I did have to get out of the boat, but used my bow-line to pull the boat up the rapids from the bank and/or shallow water near the bank. That worked for three of the four un-paddleable rapids. There were trees along the shore in the fourth that made it impossible to line the boat up, so I had to pull it out, unload it, portage about 150 yards, reload the boat, and launch it. All of that took about 45 minutes. I finally made it to GA 372 after 9 hours and was met by Richard. I will repair the paddle again tomorrow and get another single-blade, canoe paddle. I will be back on the river at GA 372 Tuesday morning.

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