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On the Etowah at last

Posted by on January 19, 2013

Today: 10.2 miles
Trip: 1376.7

Joe Cook took me to an access point for the Oostanaula River this morning. I pulled away at 8:30, paddled a very short way, a couple hundred yards, perhaps, and then headed upriver on the Etowah. At last! Although I had heard from the Corps of Engineers that they were releasing a lot of water and would continue to do so, I made great progress for the first six or seven miles. The farther I went upriver, though, the faster the current became. I finally reached a point at which it was too fast to be safe, so I went back downriver a quarter mile to a nice campsite. Mike Saunders and Joe Smith are coming tomorrow to shuttle me around Allatoona Dam.

Nice campsite


7 Responses to On the Etowah at last

  1. Randall Lackey

    Glad to see you’re on your way again. Safe Paddling. Randall

  2. Ben LaChance

    I know it must feel good to see the Etowah under the hull. Thinking of you as all that water headed your way this last few days. Sounds like every unexpected challenge has brought you in touch with some very good new and old friends on the bank. Look forward to seeing you when you get in homewaters!! I’m not sure if you got my other posts or not but I have been following your amazing trip. Best of days ahead to you.

    Ben LaChance

    • Robert Fuller

      Meeting all those great people has been a highlight of the trip. Now I’m really getting excited about seeing familiar river and my many friends back home.

  3. Richard

    The Etowah is great above Allatoona with a not-too-high flow providing the high water didn’t leave you any interesting blockages. Although you are on the last leg of your trip, the party isn’t over yet so let the shallow water and rock gardens begin. Interesting and beautiful scenery will take you to Dahlonega.
    Paddle on!

    • Robert Fuller

      Thanks again for the shuttle and good company over in Alabama. I look forward to seeing you on the Etowah.

  4. Tom lamb

    Welcome to “our” river. See you in our front yard in a few days.

    • Robert Fuller

      Maybe a couple of weeks. Heading back to paddle what the flood forced me to bypass.

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