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Posted by on December 31, 2012

Today: 10.2 miles
Trip: 1119.4

It was a bit chilly again this morning: 31 in the tent, 26 outside. I got on the river at 9:25 and very shortly thereafter, contacted Randall Lackey. Randall has taken up paddling only in the last six years, or so, but he has accomplished a great deal. Like me, he is more interested in tripping than whitewater. He is currently in the middle of paddling the Alabama Scenic River Trail in sections. I missed the exact number, but he’s well over 300 miles along. One of the most impressive things about Randall is his mastery of maps and a grasp of what’s out there on the river. He has fed me useful hints a number of times. We met for lunch in Montgomery today, and he shared more useful information and loaned me some very nice maps — much better than what I have. Good guy!

On the way to meet Randall, I spotted a herd of deer plunging into the river. I intended to upload the pictures here, but I just realized that I took the pictures with my camera instead of this iPhone, so I can’t upload them at the moment.

I’m camped tonight on a beautiful bluff overlooking the river. I’ll likely be here tomorrow, too, based on the forecast. I had considered a sandbar that I could see a couple of miles upriver, but this spot just appealed to me more. My hope of making it to a park with hot showers didn’t work out, so I did the next best thing: took a bath in the river. My, oh my, that was brisk!

2 Responses to Randall

  1. Randall Lackey

    Thanks Guy. I really enjoyed meeting with you as well this afternoon.I am quite impressed with your journey and skills,as you’ve surely been able to tell.A thought occurred to me on the drive home.I had intended to ask more questions for what was ahead for me,heading down the river in the coming spring,and got so caught up in trying to provide all the helpful info I could think of for your trip ahead. That’s all alright though,ha. Its all in the adventure and suprise of whats ahead.That must have been cool seeing the herd of deer jumping into the river.Have fun.E-mail or call if I can help with anything. Randall

    • Robert Fuller

      I understand what you’re saying about surprises, but I’m always glad to chat, whether by voice, email, text, or blog.

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