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Posted by on December 31, 2012

Today: 10.2 miles
Trip: 1119.4

It was a bit chilly again this morning: 31 in the tent, 26 outside. I got on the river at 9:25 and very shortly thereafter, contacted Randall Lackey. Randall has taken up paddling only in the last six years, or so, but he has accomplished a great deal. Like me, he is more interested in tripping than whitewater. He is currently in the middle of paddling the Alabama Scenic River Trail in sections. I missed the exact number, but he’s well over 300 miles along. One of the most impressive things about Randall is his mastery of maps and a grasp of what’s out there on the river. He has fed me useful hints a number of times. We met for lunch in Montgomery today, and he shared more useful information and loaned me some very nice maps — much better than what I have. Good guy!

On the way to meet Randall, I spotted a herd of deer plunging into the river. I intended to upload the pictures here, but I just realized that I took the pictures with my camera instead of this iPhone, so I can’t upload them at the moment.

I’m camped tonight on a beautiful bluff overlooking the river. I’ll likely be here tomorrow, too, based on the forecast. I had considered a sandbar that I could see a couple of miles upriver, but this spot just appealed to me more. My hope of making it to a park with hot showers didn’t work out, so I did the next best thing: took a bath in the river. My, oh my, that was brisk!

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