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Holiday break

Posted by on December 15, 2012

Today’s miles: 19.9

Trip miles: 1084.7

My daughter, Erin, picked me up early Wednesday afternoon at Swift Creek Park, between Selma and Montgomery. It was a tough paddling day, with headwinds nearly the whole way, but still a good day to be on the river (or R. E. Woodruff Lake in this case).

I plan to head back to the river in about a week and a half, but that is subject to family plans and getting a manuscript written and submitted.

I saw this amazing natural formation on a log along the Alabama River. It was too cold for an alligator to be exposed like that, but I still had to get close to be sure.


6 Responses to Holiday break

  1. Joe Smith

    Welcome home, Robert. You have truly earned this break with your family and I thank you for the first fascinating thousand miles. (I suggest you submit your manuscript with a few stains from river water and mosquito repellent for authenticity.)

    • Robert Fuller

      Great idea, Joe. I may have added a photo after you saw this morning’s post.

  2. Bill Henderson

    Sounds like you were smart and agreed with the wife to be home for the holidays 🙂 . We met on Okaloosa Island and I helped you carry the canoe up the stairs. Enjoy the family time.

    • Robert Fuller


      Great to hear from you! I really appreciated your help then and now. That had to be a little weird, having this dirty stranger walk up and ask for your help, but you were both generous and gracious. I have been successful so far in not severely hurting myself, largely because of nice folks like you who have helped me out. I hope the rest of your stay was as good as mine. The former colleague/boss who loaned me her condo is a fine and generous person. When I left, I wheeled everything across the street to the Intracoastal, which saved me some 15 miles of paddling. Love those public access strips!

  3. Jean Fuller Stevens

    So glad to hear you’re taking a break for the holidays – but, I will miss checking your daily blog and finding out if you made it through another day ! Merry Christmas and here’s to a great New Year !

    • Robert Fuller

      Thanks, Jean. I’m working on a manuscript now, after a wonderful holiday with family. If I can get this paper written and submitted tomorrow, I’ll be back on the river Friday. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas and that 2013 is a great year for you.

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