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Hunkered down for the storms

Posted by on December 10, 2012

The marine radio that Mike Saunders gave for this trip has come in handy many a time on the trip, but I guess it’s most important feature, aside from distress calls, which I have not needed, is the weather band. It has preprogrammed National Weather Service channels that have allowed me to be on top of the weather the whole trip. Armed with good weather forecast of the approaching storms, I was able to plan for and get into a comfortable campsite, where I stayed last night and today and will stay tonight. I plan to leave in the morning after full daylight and paddle to and lock through Robert F. Henry Lock and Dam. I plan to stay tomorrow night at the Prairie Creek Campground.

Since I was able to prepare, I brought my 12v battery into the tent and kept my iPhone charged whole I read a digital book and took care of a little Water Lab business. Nice way to spend a rainy day!

One Response to Hunkered down for the storms

  1. Randall Lackey

    I paddled up into the long slough to the campground but from my map it looked like a fair haul up to check in and i didnt quite feel right about just dropping in without registering so I paddled on.I camped on an old floating boat dock in front of a obviously abandommed cabin on the left side of the river;for you;just south of prairie creek across from some fairly tall bluffs.It worked out well.I dragged the kayak up onto the boat dock and blocked the walkboard with a log with a few aluminum cans set on top of it.Sorta my burgular-gator alarm.The overgrown grass on the lot was pretty eerry looking in the failing light and I didnt want any visitor through the night without knowing of them first.I awoke the next morning to the thickest fog Ive seen in sometime.It was outright beautiful.Safe paddling.

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