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Unimaginable courage

Posted by on December 9, 2012

Today’s miles: 20.1
Trip miles: 1040.5

There’s something cool about hitting that 1000-mile mark. Yeah, it’s just a number, but numbers are cool. The number 1000 has an integer cube root, and there aren’t that many numbers that we commonly deal with that can brag that they have an integer cube root. My age does, of course, and it also has an integer square root and an integer sixth root. Is that neat or what?

I was going to pass right on by Selma today, but Jack Anthony helped me realize that I shouldn’t. I pulled my boat ashore under a bridge that had a familiar look to it and for good reason: it was the Edmund Pettus Bridge, infamous as the site of Bloody Sunday, when peaceful civil rights marchers were attacked and beaten by police in 1965. As I walked across the bridge, I could feel some of the fear and resolve that those marchers must have had. Their courage and restraint still amazes me.



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