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On to the next lake

Posted by on December 6, 2012

Today’s miles: 13.4
Trip miles: 959.7

After yesterday’s marathon, I took it a bit easy today. I wanted to be in a park with showers and laundry, and the choices were 13 miles or 28 miles, so I went the easy route. Today was nearly all paddling except for the last two miles, where I had a great sailing breeze. The sailing ended at Miller’s Ferry Lock and Dam, where I was locked up. I am camped tonight in Miller’s Ferry Campground.

I hear coyotes nearly every night, but they seemed quite close tonight. The sky is beautifully clear, which makes the stars seem suspended in perfectly clear liquid.

9 Responses to On to the next lake

  1. David Oberhausen

    So glad to hear the locks are operating. I have been telling folks about your trip while expressing some doubt about whether you would be able to use the locks.

  2. Jack Anthony

    Is Selma your next stop or do you just pass by. I was wondering if local newspapers have anything about your trip. In which case I suspect there would be people looking for you to pass on the river and maybe invite you for dinner. It looks like you will be to Lake Martin before too much longer. Looking at that lake on Google Earth I think your navigational skills are going to come in handy. “Kawliga, the Wooden Indian” stood by the door on the porch of a small store on Lake Martin. Hank Williams apparently owned a cabin on the lake and wrote the song about Kawliga. I remember the song from my early days.

    • Robert Fuller

      Jack, as much fascinating history as there is to explore in Selma’ I’m afraid that I will have to come back for that. I will likely pass Selma Sunday or Monday, although I may need to hunker down if the storms are as bad as the forecast is indicating.

  3. Warren Johnson

    Montgomery in your future? I tied up at the Riverboat Dock and took the city bus over to Walmart for resupplies and a fast food place. Your next resupply opportunity will be Wetumpka.

    • Robert Fuller

      I’m taking a Santa break to be with wife (and best friend), kids, and grandkids. I will be back sometimes either just before or just after Christmas all resupplied. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Tom Lamb

    Historical note: when built, Lake Martin was the largest man made lake in The world.

  5. Tom Lamb

    On Lake Martin is a very nice state park where we spent weeklong family vacations growing up. Would make a nice stop for you if convenient. Wind Creek State Park.

    • Robert Fuller

      Thanks, Tom. I will make it a point to spend a night there unless it just doesn’t fit my schedule at all.

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