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Surrounded by mosquitoes

Posted by on November 19, 2012

I pulled into Santa Rosa Island just before sunset
In stealth camping mode only to learn that I had cut it a little too close. As the sun was going down, a cloud of voracious mosquitoes appeared, seemingly determined to consume my entire blood supply in as short a time as possible. I couldn’t recall where the repellant was, so I got the tent up as fast as possible, threw my gear in, dove in myself, and ran the zipper home. Careful searching turned up only three mosquitoes. Yay! Then I remembered that I desperately needed to relieve myself, I didn’t have enough water for breakfast, AND I couldn’t find the Insect repellant. The trip out of the tent and back to the boat was as carefully planned as a surgical military operation. Every square inch of skin was covered. I carefully thought through all of my movements and located in my mind every part of the boat I needed to go to… Go, go, go! When it was all over with, I had 15 or so mosquitoes in the tent to track down, and my lips itched like mad. Okay, so there was a square inch uncovered, but all is well. It is cooling off and I think the mosquitoes are going home to turn their electric blankets on. I hope they electrocute themselves.

3 Responses to Surrounded by mosquitoes

  1. Randall Lackey

    Darned Mosquitoes can sure ruin a campsite.sounds like you’re making good travel time.Safe Paddling.

  2. Joe Smith

    It’s so nice you still have a sense of humor amidst the bugs. You have me wondering how much fresh water you must pack. I assume you purified water as needed along the river but how do you plan now for stealth camping along the coast?

    • Robert Fuller

      I actually only used water from the Chattahoochee a couple of times and then only after boiling. Now that I have sent the water quality instruments home, I have added a little more fresh water capacity, carrying up to 6 gallons. I can always boil water if necessary, and I have water purification tablets as a backup.

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