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Posted by on November 2, 2012

Friday, 11/2/12
Today’s miles: 16.8, Today’s paddling miles: 16.8, Cumulative miles: 491.1, Cumulative paddling miles: 456.4

I have very tenuous cell coverage, even on Verizon, so I will be brief. I am in a much nicer campsite tonight than last night, except for the mosquitoes. Someone really needs to feed these guys, because they are famished! Oh, wait, I was feeding them, but then I ducked in my tent. Maybe in the morning.

4 Responses to Skeeters!

  1. Jack Anthony

    Robert, I remember seeing a lot of sand bars along the Apalatchicola and some had people camping on them. I couldn’t tell if there was road access or if they got there by boat.

    At the mouth of the Apalatchicola there was a navigation light with a osprey nest and I was able to get some great picture of an osprey because she kept landing and taking off trying to get us to leave her little ones. We were only a few feet away. When you see that light I guess your dye testing will be about over. What a great trip!!

    • Robert Fuller

      Lots of sandbars and so far, I am the only person I have seen camping.

      I love ospreys! Such elegant and enter birds. Too bd they don’t know how to fight off thieving bald eagles.

  2. Jack Anthony

    I was once told by an entomologist (sp?) that mosquitoes are born full size. Hard to believe.

    • Robert Fuller

      Yep, true. They have a bit of unfolding to do at first, but then the are hungry! I am in a much better campsite tonight.

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