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Those Apalachicola sandbars

Posted by on October 31, 2012

Bonny Putney told me about the beautiful sandbars along the Apalachicola River, and I had scoped them out on Google Earth, but I still didn’t appreciate how cool they would be until I got here. It really is huge, probably 400 yards by 100 yards and covered with a mixture of very coarse sand, pea gravel, and shells. These aren’t snails and mussels, either. I’m going to news help from Tom Fox or someone currently in Biology to figure out what these are. They look marine, but I’m still 90 miles from the coast.



6 Responses to Those Apalachicola sandbars

  1. Kathy

    Hey, my handsome canoe man!!! See you in a week!!

  2. Eddie Allen

    Hello, again,Mr. Fuller
    It looks like your trip is going well. Following along on Google Earth and with your site has been a cool way to get an idea of what it would be like to do such a trip. Those sandbars do look nice from above. Good luck the rest of the way.
    Take care, Eddie Allen

    • Robert Fuller

      The one I was on last night was even better than it looked on Google Earth. Unfortunately, I had decided to get up every hour and a half to take a fluorometer reading, so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

  3. Randall Lackey

    I’ve been following you now since I saw from the outside world,posted on facebook, had posted your stopping in the store for a canoe cart.Thats where I bought my wilderness system zypher that I’m working on doing the ASRT in.I’m down to Benton,below Montgomery.I’ve done two week long trips from the state line to childersburg then there to Benton.doing as I can get away from home, and off work. I live in Opelika,al. I’ll resume in the spring for a week, then a little later on down to Fort Morgan near Mobile.Safe Paddling and fair weather.

    • Robert Fuller

      Sounds like a great trip — would love to hear more about it. Any chance of meeting for lunch or coffee when I’m heading upriver through Alabama over the next couple of months?

  4. Randall Lackey

    Sure would love to. Give me a call close to time when you’re near Opelika, if you make it through the way.Or call anytime. at 334 740-4502,my cell. I work night shift and am usually always up after two, but am flexible on time.Safe Paddling,Randall Lackey

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