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Packed and ready to go

Posted by on October 29, 2012

Except for my small, personal items dry bag, the boat is packed and ready. With the new, heavy-duty cart, folded up on the back of the boat, I was able to load it at the cabin, wheel it right into the water, unstrap and remove the cart, and tie up at the dock. It made me feel proud, just like someone launching a really big boat… except, of course, that I was doing it by hand instead of with a $30,000 pickemup truck. Still, it was pretty neat.


4 Responses to Packed and ready to go

  1. Joe Smith

    I’m watching your weather reports. How does your kayak handle on a windy day?

    • Robert Fuller

      Had to be pretty careful not to broach with those following seas this morning. I didn’t have my spray skirt, which aggravated the situation a bit, but it all worked out. This was one of those tomes that I had my PDF on and cinched up tight. How are you doing, Joe?

  2. Elvin

    Very interesting saga, Robert. Look forward to conclusions from the research and discussion about the enviable experiences you don’t have time to share on this blog. Elvin

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