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Sleeping in a bed!

Posted by on October 26, 2012

Friday, 10/26/12
Today’s miles: 35.4, Today’s paddling miles: 35.4, Cumulative miles: 432.7, Cumulative paddling miles: 398.0

I knew that I was going to be hard pressed to find a good campsite today, so I set my sights on what is shown on my maps as a Corps site, but which is actually a fishcamp with cabins, camping, and a restaurant.

4 Responses to Sleeping in a bed!

  1. Joe Smith

    Wow, that’s a long day — about double your average paddled miles. How nice to find a bed and a restaurant after all that.

    Thanks again for this blog; it is part of my a.m. coffee reading: CNN, Reuters, Wx, RCF blog … and the most interesting of them all.

    • Robert Fuller

      It really was pretty tough, but not excessively so. I don’t think that I could have done it a month ago, though. I don’t seem to have added any significant muscle mass, but when I am paddling I see blood vessels on my arms that I do not remember seeing. I guess that means that my body has responded by refitting the O2 and glucose delivery and waste removal plumbing system. I’ve pretty clearly used up a lot of stored fat (Oh no, what if it’s a tough winter?!!!) and my heart/lung capacity seems to have improved. As I sit here working on my second cup of Starbucks, my pulse is 38. Might be fun to check before coffee tomorrow , just to see if I have one.

      I thought briefly that I might be getting younger, but this cabin has a mirror.

  2. Mike Saunders


    Have you been able to use your sail system any ??


    • Robert Fuller

      Not yet, but I sure will on the Gulf and bays along the coast.

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