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Beautiful campsite

Posted by on October 25, 2012

Thursday, 10/25/12
Today’s miles: 8.7 Today’s paddling miles: 8.7 Cumulative miles: 397.3 Cumulative paddling miles: 362.6

Today was a lock day and a resupply day. On the advice of a very friendly trotline fisherman from Alabama, I put in at Omussee Creek Park, near Columbia Alabama late this morning. There was no one there, but there was power at what had once been an office and/or concession stand, so I lugged my 12-volt gel-cell battery and charger up there and plugged ’em in. I refilled my water jugs and had lunch and was thinking about walking to town when two men pulled in in a small john boat. I asked them how far it was to town, and they quickly volunteered to take me as soon as they trailered their boat. They not only took me, but they waited outside the grocery store while I shopped and took me back. A rather poignant conversation ensued, which I will not share here, but it left me feeling far more connected with the younger of what turned out to be a father-son pair than I ever would have imagined. We also discussed the merits of John Deere tractors, but the younger man’s revelations about himself made me want to reach out to him and tell him to keep on doing what he’s doing. If he reads this, he will know what i’m talking about.

I am now just a few miles downriver of the George W. Andrews Lock and Dam, which I passed through around 2:00. There is a very noisy industry downriver, which will require the use of my earplugs tonight, but I am in probably the nicest campsite I’ve found yet on the trip – high sand bluff with a perfect tie up spot for the boat.

Remember the dishpan of water by the door at the beach cottage? I knew there was a good reason that I saved that 5-gallon bucket.




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