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An interesting twist

Posted by on October 6, 2012

About thirty minutes ago, a young man who identified himself as Chuck DeVane, the interim supervisor of Morgan Falls (or something like that) came by and kicked me out of the house.  He also told me that I couldn’t go on the river at night, but I had to leave.  After some negotiation, he allowed me to sleep under the carport tonight.  Well, at least I got my shower, and I had time when I first got here to sweep the house and the carport and scrub the sink, so I at least left the place better than I found it.  I don’t mind sleeping outside, certainly, but the real downside was that Mr. Devane had to go study for a test and was so anxious to get me out of the house that he began carrying my stuff out, all of my work at organizing gear is shot.

Oh well, a  small setback.  My biggest concern now is that this fellow will go give a hard time to the GPC employee who gave me the key to the house.  And, in spite of this one fellow, Georgia Power has still been a great supporter of the project.

8 Responses to An interesting twist

  1. Jack Anthony

    Robert, you are not just adding to the knowledge base of scientific data but learning a little more about human nature or at least being reminded of it. Keep up the good work! And may the river flow smoothly for you.

    • Robert Fuller

      Jack, you inspire me in so many ways: your toughness, your creativity, and your marvelous taste in women, just to name a few. The vast majority of people I have met on the trip have just been a delight to know, and I suspect that that is a reflection of the population. Thanks for keeping up with me.

  2. Tory

    Just to let you know I am following your trip, I look forward to checking in with you on this adventure.
    Travel safe
    Rome, Ga

  3. Nancy Kellen

    Hey Robert! Nice chatting with you at Canoe today! Boy, you made me want to buy a kayak today! Enjoy your trip. 🙂

  4. Kerry Crawford

    How DARE anyone treat MY brother-in-law so shabbily! As was mentioned in another comment, human nature will be another discovery along your way. Hopefully, there will be many more positive experiences than negative. You would’ve left that stupid house better than you found it, that’s for sure! I hope that jerk FAILED that test he was in such a hurry to study THERE! Love you, bro, and take care.

  5. Bob Tolford

    Sorry to hear about that. That reminds me of Sherriff Taylor’s deputy.
    Otherwise, I just found your blog. Better luck with future contacts of that sort

  6. Robin

    If that Chuck guy is a student here.. can we give him a “WF”? That’s the cleaner version!
    Just really wanted you to know that YES, I’m following your blog!

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