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Thanks once again Bob & Georgia Power

Posted by on October 6, 2012

Today’s miles: 10.7 Today’s paddling miles: 10.7 Cumulative miles: 132.9 Cumulative paddling miles: 103.4

I sampled and paddled today, but the dye detection didn’t go too well. I have not checked, but it looks like there was a release at Buford dam today, which would have been the first since the gully washer storm. The water level was ever so slightly higher this morning than when I tied my boat up last night, but the real clue was the muddiness of the water. A Secchi disk is a black and white disk that is lowered in water until it just disappears. That depth is known as the Secchi depth and is a measure of water clarity. Last night, the Secchi depth was 1.3 meters, whereas it was 0.5 m this morning. my guess, without consulting Corps of Engineers, is that there was a release at Buford. At any rate, the huge change in turbidity stirred up something that generated fluorescence, so there was really no correlation with last night. I took a few more readings after heading out on the river, but nothing correlated with yesterday’s readings.

I was feeling just a little bummed about the day’s sampling when I arrived at Morgan Falls Dam. There was Bob, from Georgia EPD, come on his day off to help me portage my boat and gear around the dam. His wife made me a world-class sandwich, too, on delicious almond flour bread. Thanks! Bob also took me to the store to get 2032-size batteries for my headlamp, fresh fruit, milk, and wine. Life just couldn’t get any better… and then it did.

Morgan Falls Dam is a Georgia Power facility. Since Georgia Power has already been very generous in support of this trip, I was a little afraid to push my luck, but I did. One of the guys at the dam knew who I was, so I asked if it would be okay to camp somewhere on their property tonight. He replied that that would be okay, but seeing as how I was working with them (a small project I will do below West Point Lake), why didn’t I just use the guest house? I really couldn’t think of a good reason, so here I am, showered, clean clothes hanging to dry, and some pizza the Boy Scouts who stayed here last night left in the oven. Sweet!

Thanks, Bob. Thanks Georgia Power.

3 Responses to Thanks once again Bob & Georgia Power

  1. Renee North

    It was a pleasure to meet you on the river this afternoon. I look forward to reading your blog. Let me know the next time you’re passing through and we’ll find you ‘legal’ accommodations. 🙂

    Renee (Blue Kayak – River Cleanup at Morgan Falls)

    • Robert Fuller

      It was great talking to you as well. Thanks for you efforts to keep the river clean and for the gratuitous offer and thanks for the Buford release info. My batteries on all of my equipment were just about dead, so I had not checked, since it wasn’t a safety issue this far downriver. Your are a generous and thoughtful person.

  2. Renee North

    FYI – Todays water release at #BufordDam is 2:55-6:10pm

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