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Finish Lanier, back on the river, 10/3/12

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Today’s miles: 9.3 ┬áToday’s paddling miles: 8.3 ┬áCumulative miles: 98.7 Cumulative paddling miles: 69.2

Too much flow downriver to run a dye trace today, so I made camp early and will dispense dye early tomorrow morning.
I set out from Bethel Park around 8:30 and arrived at Buford Dam about 10:45. The portage was fairly easy except for getting everything up the rip rap at the base of the dam. Once above that, it was an easy carry, in two trips, of boat and gear – I was loaded light, with just basic paddling gear, water, and a light on the stern of the boat due to the fog. Once at the top, I installed my handy dandy new wheels under the boat, reloaded the gear, and had an easy mile or so portage.
A friend, Joe Smith, showed up at Buford Dam Park to help Kathy and me load the boat and get underway. Joe had read my blog earlier this morning and decided on the spur of the moment to head down to help. Thanks, Joe!

6 Responses to Finish Lanier, back on the river, 10/3/12

  1. Joe Smith

    Robert, thanks for letting me join you and Kathy for lunch today by the river.

    Your blog is beautiful — and inspiring. I’ll spread the word.

    All the best.

  2. Alice Sampson

    Joe regaled us with Fuller stories this morning at the Picnic Cafe. I was a wee bit jealous that he got to hang out with Kathy and you. What’s the schedule for the weekend? Keep it between the ditches (banks?)!

    • Robert Fuller

      In north metro now. I expect to be southwest of Atlanta before the weekend is out.

  3. Bobby Glade

    Great post on how to pack for a trip along the river. I recently build a boat with a decent set of boat plans, which I believe saved my life. Great picture and tips, thanks!

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