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Day 4 – Long Haul

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Today’s miles: 17.4  Today’s paddling miles: 17.4  Cumulative miles: 60.2  Cumulative paddling miles: 31.8

The iPad battery is about dead, so I’ll be quick.  Paddled from Buck Shoals State Park (closed, but I had permission to camp) to about a mile downstream of Lula Bridge (GA52). I got through Buck Shoals and Horseshoe Rapid with a little paddling and a lot of lining (controlling the boat with ropes while wading). Made much better time once most of the rapids were behind until I hit the sandy shoals about a mile or so above Belton Bridge.  I haven’t added it up, but I think I did about twenty miles today.  Saw my first bald eagle of the trip.  Lots of hawks and kingfishers.

Typical gorgeous view, this one near Buck Shoals.

Big paddle tomorrow, down to Lake Lanier and on to Buford Dam.  If there is wind, I will hoist sail, but still paddle – much faster!

This never got published Tuesday night, not because my battery was low but because I had poor 4G reception.

First nine of a couple dozen wild turkeys near Lula Bridge

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