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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Coffee cup update

My wonderful coffee cup, a gift from a gentleman along the river — turns out it will hold more than coffee (although it does that admirably). Not coffee:

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Today: 10.2 miles Trip: 1119.4 It was a bit chilly again this morning: 31 in the tent, 26 outside. I got on the river at 9:25 and very shortly thereafter, contacted Randall Lackey. Randall has taken up paddling only in the last six years, or so, but he has accomplished a great deal. Like me, … Continue reading »

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The coffee cup

Today’s miles: 17.3 Trip miles: 1109.2 It was rather cool this morning: 32.8 inside the tent, 26.2 outside. I got underway at 9:30 and paddled hard against stiff current. I thought that I was camped in a Corps of Engineers site tonight. When I described it, Richard told me that it was private but owned … Continue reading »

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Nice, brisk day to start back

Yay! I’m back on the river! Today’s miles: 7.2 Trip: 1091.9 I had a great time with family and friends during this break from the river. I hope that you did, too. I drove down to Auburn this morning and Erin took me to Swift Creek Park, where I took out Dec. 12. I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Chomping at the bit.

The holiday with family and friends has been wonderful, and I cherish time with my wife, Kathy, but I’m ready to get back on the river!  I have taken care of a lot of administrative issues and rebuilt our pump house plumbing, so about all I have to do is get a paper written and … Continue reading »

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Holiday break

Today’s miles: 19.9 Trip miles: 1084.7 My daughter, Erin, picked me up early Wednesday afternoon at Swift Creek Park, between Selma and Montgomery. It was a tough paddling day, with headwinds nearly the whole way, but still a good day to be on the river (or R. E. Woodruff Lake in this case). I plan … Continue reading »

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Going from bad to worse

Today looked to be a fairly easy day, so I was in no great rush to get moving. I had to wade in rather chilly water for about fifteen minutes as I loaded and readied the boat, so I was actually pretty much ready to work up some body heat to warm my wet feet … Continue reading »

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Hunkered down for the storms

The marine radio that Mike Saunders gave for this trip has come in handy many a time on the trip, but I guess it’s most important feature, aside from distress calls, which I have not needed, is the weather band. It has preprogrammed National Weather Service channels that have allowed me to be on top … Continue reading »

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I was really tired when I wrote my blog post last night, so I wanted to elaborate a little on what a wonderful experience it was to camp at Six Mile Creek State Park. The Park is closed for the winter, but the organization, Alabama Scenic River Trails has worked with government agencies and private … Continue reading »

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Unimaginable courage

Today’s miles: 20.1 Trip miles: 1040.5 There’s something cool about hitting that 1000-mile mark. Yeah, it’s just a number, but numbers are cool. The number 1000 has an integer cube root, and there aren’t that many numbers that we commonly deal with that can brag that they have an integer cube root. My age does, … Continue reading »

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