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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Told you I like sycamores

This beauty was around river mile 9 on the Alabama, river right. Fall has arrived in south Alabama; most of the deciduous trees have shed most of their leaves.

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Dead dinosaurs

Today’s miles: 14.0 Trip miles: 838.5 Fourteen miles doesn’t seem like much, but I think I was a little more whipped from pushing so hard yesterday than I realized. Oh, and it was against the wind all but about two miles. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. I encountered my first sandbar on … Continue reading »

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Sweet Home Alabama

Yay! I’m on the Alabama River! Today’s miles: 21.0 Trip miles: 824.5 I started the day at 7:20 on the Middle River, paddled to the confluence with the Tensaw River, then to the Mobile River, which I had to share with a couple of tugs pushing several barges each, and finally to the Alabama River, … Continue reading »

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I was a bit concerned about finding a decent campsite yesterday as I paddled/sailed up the Tensaw River. All I saw for miles was low, wet ground covered with cypress or aquatic grasses. I used the iPhone’s Maps app to look at satellite imagery, but only saw one promising area that I couldn’t possibly reach … Continue reading »

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Making miles

Today’s miles: 34.5 Trip total: 803.5 I got a pretty early start this morning (7:20) because conditions were good for doing some traveling. About the first 12 miles were in Mobile Bay, where I averaged 5.1 mph. Once I went into the Blakeley River, I was going against the current, and north of I-10, the … Continue reading »

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Last phase of the journey

At 9:58 this morning, November 16, I passed under the I-10 bridge at the north end of Mobile Bay. I was a little sad about leaving the coastal environment, but that was offset by the excitement of starting the upriver phase of my journey. It’s all been tough, but interesting and fun at the same … Continue reading »

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Mobile Bay

Today’s miles: 21.9 Total trip miles: 768.0 I left the Southport Campground near Lulu’s at 8:20 this morning and made it into Mobile Bay at 9:20. The bay is quite large, large enough that the far shore could only be seen in small spots. Wind was almost nonexistent, so I paddled nearly all day. As … Continue reading »

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Today’s miles: 15.1 (not counting a wasted 4-mile search) total trip miles: 746.1 The day’s journey began rather poorly but ended quite pleasantly. I had camped on a spoil island and got a nice early start, in hopes of making Mobile Bay in time to find a campsite on the shore of the southern part … Continue reading »

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West from Pensacola — 11/23/12

Today’s miles: 19.7 Total trip miles: 731.0 The marine forecast had called for west winds today, but they held northwest for at least two hours. That allowed me to sail rather handily across Pensacola Bay. Once I passed the naval air station and turned west; the wind came around to nearly straight out of the … Continue reading »

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I spent three nights with David and Marilyn Oberhausen, which was delightful. They are gracious hosts and good company. I drove over to Mobile Thursday morning to buy an Alabama DeLorme and a few cold weather gear items. When I got back, we visited a bit and then went to David’s brother, Larry, and sister-in-law, … Continue reading »

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