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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Leisurely paddling day

Wednesday, 10/24/12 Today’s miles: 18.0 Today’s paddling miles: 18.0 Cumulative miles: 388.6 Cumulative paddling miles: 353.9 Today was a much more laid back day than !I have had in a while. I had time to look at geology, flora, and enjoy the paddling a bit more than on days when I had a lot of … Continue reading »

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I really appreciate all the trees, but my two favorite along this part of the river at river birch (Betula nigra) and sycamore (Platanus occidentalis). Sycamores usually stand out in a crowd, due to a combination of size, shape, foliage color and texture, and especially the color and texture of the bark. The bark has … Continue reading »

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Heading down river

Serenity and beauty combined…

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Checking the boat

Walter F. George began releasing water to generate power during peak demand time yesterday afternoon. This caused about a one-foot water level rise where I camped, so I was careful to tie up so that the boat would neither be hard aground nor capsized when the water receded during the night. I had, in fact, … Continue reading »

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Safety issues

Being out here by myself and no longer being twenty years old have caused me to be pretty thoughtful about safety. Two cases in point. 1. The banks are quite high here, about 40 feet, and I didn’t want to chance a fall trying to climb, so I paddled until I spotted a decent cleft … Continue reading »

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Lock ‘er down!

Tuesday, 10/23/12 Today’s miles: 24.2 Today’s paddling miles: 24.2 Cumulative miles: 370.6 Cumulative paddling miles: 335.9 I locked through Walter F. George Dam his afternoon. It’s an 88-foot drop, and I must say it was quite a thrill. After that thrill-ride, I paddled down to the next bridge and walked into Ft Gaines for supplies. … Continue reading »

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Monday 10/22/12 It is one month since I started the journey! Today’s miles: 18.0 Today’s paddling miles: 18.0 Cumulative miles: 346.4 Cumulative paddling miles: 311.7 I left Florence Marina State Park just after 9:00 this morning, when the fog had almost completely cleared. For the first couple of miles, I did see cool little mini-tornadoes … Continue reading »

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Florence Marina State Park

Sunday 10/21/12 Today’s miles: 23.0 Today’s paddling miles: 23.0 Cumulative miles: 328.4 Cumulative paddling miles: 293.7 Want to meet some nice people? Go to a state park and strike up a conversation with the camp hosts. These are usually married couple, retired, spending a few months at a time at one or more state parks. … Continue reading »

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Water Hyacinth

I was quite surprised to see several rafts of water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) on the bank of the river toward the south end of Fort Benning this morning. I did not expect them to over-winter this far north.

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Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders is a retired North Georgia librarian, a fine canoeist, and as good a friend as you could ask for. Mike has taught me some of the finer points of both library research and canoe paddling, and he has also contributed substantially to this trip. He tends to minimize his own contributions, but they … Continue reading »

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