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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Those Apalachicola sandbars

Bonny Putney told me about the beautiful sandbars along the Apalachicola River, and I had scoped them out on Google Earth, but I still didn’t appreciate how cool they would be until I got here. It really is huge, probably 400 yards by 100 yards and covered with a mixture of very coarse sand, pea … Continue reading »

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Down the Apalachicola

Wednesday, 10/31/12 Today’s miles: 11.2, Today’s paddling miles: 11.2, Cumulative miles: 451.9, Cumulative paddling miles: 417.2 I just went back and corrected some mileages where my big fingers had hit the wrong little cellphone key and the error had propagated. I locked through Jim Woodruff Dam this morning, meeting delightful and most interesting fellow in … Continue reading »

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Gorgeous evening

I’ve finished my dinner and paperwork for the evening, so I put on Roberta Flack singing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. View across Lake Seminole from the tent

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Across Lake Seminole – Brrr!

Tuesday, 10/30/12 Today’s miles: 8.0, Today’s paddling miles: 8.0, Cumulative miles: 440.7, Cumulative paddling miles: 406.0 It was 38˚F when I set out from Trail’s End Resort and Campground at 7:10 this morning. It was a little breezy, but not bad, and I had a nearly full moon and headlamp for guidance. My hands were … Continue reading »

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Packed and ready to go

Except for my small, personal items dry bag, the boat is packed and ready. With the new, heavy-duty cart, folded up on the back of the boat, I was able to load it at the cabin, wheel it right into the water, unstrap and remove the cart, and tie up at the dock. It made … Continue reading »

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Trail’s End

I wonder how many places have been named that. This place is located on the upper Chattahoochee River side of Lake Seminole on land leased from the Corps of Engineers. It is a beautiful setting, nicely laid out, with cabins, restaurant, store, and marina. Unfortunately, it appears that the property has been allowed to fall … Continue reading »

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Sleeping in a bed!

Friday, 10/26/12 Today’s miles: 35.4, Today’s paddling miles: 35.4, Cumulative miles: 432.7, Cumulative paddling miles: 398.0 I knew that I was going to be hard pressed to find a good campsite today, so I set my sights on what is shown on my maps as a Corps site, but which is actually a fishcamp with … Continue reading »

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Beautiful campsite

Thursday, 10/25/12 Today’s miles: 8.7 Today’s paddling miles: 8.7 Cumulative miles: 397.3 Cumulative paddling miles: 362.6 Today was a lock day and a resupply day. On the advice of a very friendly trotline fisherman from Alabama, I put in at Omussee Creek Park, near Columbia Alabama late this morning. There was no one there, but … Continue reading »

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A Gift from My Daughter

I got mad today, but I remembered something my daughter, Erin, taught me some thirteen years ago. I’ve learned a lot from both of my kids, Alex and Erin, but this one came from Erin. We had been backpacking for a few days in the Cohutta Wilderness and were on our way along the Jacks … Continue reading »

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Whole and what I believe are hiatus concretions found along the banks of the Chattahoochee in Early County. I didn’t really know what these were, so I did some reading this morning. Thankfully, this is one of the few places where I have had AT&T service, so I could use the iPad.

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