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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Refit day 4 – 9/30/12

Geez, there’s a lot to do.  I MIGHT be ready to go tomorrow, but after looking at the weather forecast, I’ve decided to push the getting back on the river (lake) until Tuesday morning.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a sissy, but what’s new?  I would rather be really well-organized and a day behind, or … Continue reading »

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Third refit day – 9/29/12

It took a day and a half to manage administrative issues at work.  I am working on refitting the boat, reorganizing my gear, and packing resupplies for shipment to friends downriver.  I used what Barb taught me the other day, and inserted some pictures in earlier posts.

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Charging the ipad

I wrote a couple of days ago that I was having trouble charging my ipad from a 12-volt battery.  I would hook it up but get a “Not Charging” message.  After doing some reading, I checked my charger and it is a 5-watt iphone charger.  The ipad is looking for 10 watts.  It will charge … Continue reading »

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Catching my breath – 9/27/12

I never took the time to weigh everything when I set out below Helen Sunday, so I did that this morning.  I replenished things like food and water to typical loads before weighing.  These weights also include a little trash that I picked up at a couple of campsites, but that’s something I normally do, … Continue reading »

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Day 5 – Longer Haul! 9/26/12

Today’s miles: 29.1  Today’s paddling miles: 29.1  Cumulative miles: 89.4  Cumulative paddling miles: 60.9 I camped near Flat Creek, not the one near Oakwood, but one that empties into the Chattahoochee River near Lula Bridge (GA 52).  The Chattahoochee is backed up by Lake Lanier here, so there was no point in trying to detect … Continue reading »

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Day 4 – Long Haul

Today’s miles: 17.4  Today’s paddling miles: 17.4  Cumulative miles: 60.2  Cumulative paddling miles: 31.8 The iPad battery is about dead, so I’ll be quick.  Paddled from Buck Shoals State Park (closed, but I had permission to camp) to about a mile downstream of Lula Bridge (GA52). I got through Buck Shoals and Horseshoe Rapid with … Continue reading »

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In camp, but not done yet

I am camped near Buck Shoals, with permission, but I will need to monitor the fluorometer tonight.  I am ahead of most of the dye cloud, but I really have no idea when it will peak.  Oh we’ll, at my age, you have to get up during the night anyway. Buck Shoals is most definitely … Continue reading »

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Day 3 – Rise and Shine

Today’s miles: 2.1  Today’s paddling miles: 2.1  Cumulative miles: 42.8  Cumulative paddling miles: 14.4 I’m chalking this up to being exhausted from the last few weeks of intense preparation: I slept for ten hours last night. Observations: I’ve seen more NoTrespassing signs in the last 24 hours than at any other time in my life. … Continue reading »

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You meet a lot of people on the river, but Jerry Taylor is a rare gem.  He helped me through a nearly dry rapid this afternoon, helped me with camping arrangements, and welcomed me into his home.  He also sent me this photo:

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Day 2 – First day on the river

Today’s miles: 12.3  Today’s paddling miles: 12.3  Cumulative miles: 40.8  Cumulative paddling miles: 12.3 What a fine day!  Kathy took me to Helen this morning, where we tested for rhodamine to locate our water mass.   Because of some contradictions in Georgia law, some property owners near Helen claim ownership of the water and do … Continue reading »

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