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Another fine story by Shannon Casas, Gainesville Times

Shannon Casas is someone to watch. This young woman has now written three pieces on my trip, and she always gets it right. She listens, she gets the facts right, and she writes well. Her stories are available online. The latest, with a nice attached video, is at .

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Richard Grove

If you paddle the rivers of Georgia much, there is a good chance that you have met Richard, but whether you have met him or not, you have almost certainly benefited from his efforts. Richard is tireless in his efforts to clean up Georgia’s rivers. One week he will be pulling tires from the Yellow … Continue reading »

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My friends warned me

Today: 8.3 miles Trip: 1497.5 miles Richard Grove, Steve Harris, Mike Saunders, and Joe Smith all helped get me in the water at GA 136 this morning and shuttle my car up to Castleberry Bridge. Richard and Steve put in at Steve’s house near Castleberry Bridge and spent the day clearing trees from the river. … Continue reading »

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Long shuttle

The Corps is still releasing at high flow from Allatoona, so I had to admit that I simply could not paddle against that current without undo danger. I paddled about 3 1/2 miles downriver to Johnny and Michelle’s weekend river home and had a delicious breakfast and enjoyable conversation with them. A half mile downriver, … Continue reading »

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Right on , Larry

Today: 22.0 miles Trip: 1366.5 miles I was pretty down yesterday because of of my mistake in getting out of the channel, but meeting Larry Waldrop turned that around. First thing this morning, I paddled over to the mud flat/sandbar right where he had suggested, and there was the lowest and narrowest point of the … Continue reading »

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Wet and cold… then a warm heart

Yesterday, Monday the 14th, was rainy, windy, and cold. Richard Grove had shuttled me around Weiss Dam Sunday, and he took me to the Leesburg post office to pick up a general delivery supply package from Kathy. At 9:00, I gave an interview with a very pleasant reporter, and finally got on the water around … Continue reading »

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Wonderful evening with the Hintons Friday 1/3/13

Today: 13.4 miles Trip: 1171.5 miles Last night with Tom and Patty Hinton was just marvelous. These are fine, generous people, and I hated to go. I paddled 12.1 miles, roughly four of which was from the shuttle put in out to the river, but the shuttle (by Lonnie again) saved a net of 1.3 … Continue reading »

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Big shuttle Thursday 1/3/13

Today: 15.0 miles Trip: 1158.1 miles That 15 miles included a 7-mile shuttle, so i only paddled 8. Lonnie Carden, owner and operator of Coosa Outdoor Center in Wetumpka, gave me a wonderful place to camp last night. It rained about a half inch , but I was set up under a shelter, so I … Continue reading »

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High water

Today: 23.7 miles Trip: 1143.1 miles The water was up a foot and a half to two feet this morning from yesterday, no doubt due to yesterday’s rain. The velocity was proportionally fast, as well, which made paddling a bit of a challenge. It got really challenging when I reached Wetumpka. The current here was … Continue reading »

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Today: 10.2 miles Trip: 1119.4 It was a bit chilly again this morning: 31 in the tent, 26 outside. I got on the river at 9:25 and very shortly thereafter, contacted Randall Lackey. Randall has taken up paddling only in the last six years, or so, but he has accomplished a great deal. Like me, … Continue reading »

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