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The Trip

Tough paddle & portage

Today: 12.7 miles—11.2 paddling, 1.5 portaging Trip: 1281.6 miles Yesterday’s paddling was fantastic because as I got closer to H. Neely Henry Dam, the current very noticeably subsided. Apparently, no power was being generated at the dam. That was not the case this morning, though. It was running 3 to 4 mph mid-channel where I … Continue reading »

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About done with Logan Martin

Today: 22.2 miles Trip: 1268.9 miles I started paddling in the fog this morning and ended in dog this afternoon. It’s just been cloudy, misty, and sprinkly all day, a great day for paddling! It appears that H Neely Henry was not releasing water today; I had very little current to contend with.

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Hot shower, soft bed

Today: 19.0 Trip: 1246.7 I am in a motel on US 78 near I-20. Got laundry done. I felt really good today in spite of the light rain early in the day and dreary skies all day. The real high point of the day was meeting Alan Battle, owner of Riverside Marina. Alan very gratuitously … Continue reading »

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Up and around Logan Martin Dam

Today: 10.5 miles—9.0 paddling, 1.5 portage Trip: 1227.7 miles The portage should have only been a mile, but the ASRT map of the portage is wrong and all of the portage signs have been taken down. I expected 2 to 2 1/2 hours, but then portage took 3 1/2 hours. A half hour of that … Continue reading »

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Into Childersburg

Today: 11.7 miles Trip: 1217.2 miles I paddled into Childersburg, AL today. For the last two miles coming into town, I smelled grilling meat, so by the time I got there, I was ravenous. There was a nice dock adjacent to the US231 bridge, so I tied up there. I followed my nose to a … Continue reading »

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Well, shoot!

Today: 23.2 miles by GPS (26.5 by map) Trip: 1205.5 miles I met two very interesting fellas today, Matt and Mark. Unlike every other fishermen I have seen, they were fishing for crappie, for which these lakes are best known. We had a pleasant conversation. Toward sunset, I was paddling close to shore when a … Continue reading »

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Portaging up-river

Today: 10.8 miles—10.3 paddling and 0.5 portaging Trip: 1182.3 miles I was going to title this “Getting Layed”, but I was afraid that I might offend those who recognize “Layed” as a non-preferred spelling of “Laid”. The inspiration for this inane idea was my portage from Lake Mitchell to Lay Lake—that and the fact that … Continue reading »

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Wonderful evening with the Hintons Friday 1/3/13

Today: 13.4 miles Trip: 1171.5 miles Last night with Tom and Patty Hinton was just marvelous. These are fine, generous people, and I hated to go. I paddled 12.1 miles, roughly four of which was from the shuttle put in out to the river, but the shuttle (by Lonnie again) saved a net of 1.3 … Continue reading »

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Big shuttle Thursday 1/3/13

Today: 15.0 miles Trip: 1158.1 miles That 15 miles included a 7-mile shuttle, so i only paddled 8. Lonnie Carden, owner and operator of Coosa Outdoor Center in Wetumpka, gave me a wonderful place to camp last night. It rained about a half inch , but I was set up under a shelter, so I … Continue reading »

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High water

Today: 23.7 miles Trip: 1143.1 miles The water was up a foot and a half to two feet this morning from yesterday, no doubt due to yesterday’s rain. The velocity was proportionally fast, as well, which made paddling a bit of a challenge. It got really challenging when I reached Wetumpka. The current here was … Continue reading »

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