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New paddle in hand!

My replacement paddle has arrived, and the floodwaters have receded over around Rome, so Richard Grove and I are heading to Lock and Dam Park in the morning to paddle the sections that the recent heavy rains forced me to bypass. Rough weather is forecast for Wednesday, so that may be a good day to … Continue reading »

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What a mess!

The day started good, though cold. It went from 26 all the way up to 34 during the afternoon. Three to five inch icicles hung from branches at every rapid or limb in the river generating splashes. Just after I passed I-575 in Canton, my beloved ZRE carbon fiber paddle broke. This is no reflection … Continue reading »

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Blog down a while

If you had trouble accessing this or any other North Georgia blog in recent days, it was due to the transition process as NGCSU became University of North Georgia. The miracle workers at IIT had it all fixed in short order.

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I was pretty chilly this morning, and I had oriented the tent to catch morning sun, so I decided to take my time about getting moving, but my plan was flawed. The moisture from my breath that didn’t vent from the tent froze on the inside of the rain fly and is now melting and … Continue reading »

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Coffee cup update

My wonderful coffee cup, a gift from a gentleman along the river — turns out it will hold more than coffee (although it does that admirably). Not coffee:

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Hunkered down for the storms

The marine radio that Mike Saunders gave for this trip has come in handy many a time on the trip, but I guess it’s most important feature, aside from distress calls, which I have not needed, is the weather band. It has preprogrammed National Weather Service channels that have allowed me to be on top … Continue reading »

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Paddling in fog, rain, and dark

I have had the opportunity to paddle in fog and rain and into the night with no moon these last few days, and it was all fun, but required some preparation and care. Rain I have avoided paddling in the rain a couple of times, but I have gotten over it. My boat has a … Continue reading »

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I spent three nights with David and Marilyn Oberhausen, which was delightful. They are gracious hosts and good company. I drove over to Mobile Thursday morning to buy an Alabama DeLorme and a few cold weather gear items. When I got back, we visited a bit and then went to David’s brother, Larry, and sister-in-law, … Continue reading »

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The sail rig

Okay, let me go through the checklist: mast, sail, spray skirt, PFD ready to be worn, paddle, lee board, charts, GPS… something is missing, and I can’t put my finger on it… Hmmmm… Oh, water! Tide went out overnight. (I knew it would.)

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