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Today: 10.2 miles Trip: 1119.4 It was a bit chilly again this morning: 31 in the tent, 26 outside. I got on the river at 9:25 and very shortly thereafter, contacted Randall Lackey. Randall has taken up paddling only in the last six years, or so, but he has accomplished a great deal. Like me, … Continue reading »

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The Big Loops

The river above Miller’s Ferry comprises two really big loops. This is one only two areas where Corps dams have flooded outside of the channel on the Alabama R. I thoroughly enjoyed staying well out of the channel this morning because it gave me a bit of a shortcut, allowed me to avoid some headwind, … Continue reading »

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On to the next lake

Today’s miles: 13.4 Trip miles: 959.7 After yesterday’s marathon, I took it a bit easy today. I wanted to be in a park with showers and laundry, and the choices were 13 miles or 28 miles, so I went the easy route. Today was nearly all paddling except for the last two miles, where I … Continue reading »

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Squished skeeters

Where I rubbed the inner tent screen against the outer tent fly. It’s a good thing I’m not in Minnesota, where these are protected as the state bird.

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Surrounded by mosquitoes

I pulled into Santa Rosa Island just before sunset In stealth camping mode only to learn that I had cut it a little too close. As the sun was going down, a cloud of voracious mosquitoes appeared, seemingly determined to consume my entire blood supply in as short a time as possible. I couldn’t recall … Continue reading »

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A day of superlatives — 11/17/12

Today’s miles: 42.0 Total trip miles: 673.5 The mileage figure for the day gives one of the day’s superlatives: the highest single day mileage of the trip, by a good margin. This was also the longest I have ever sat in a canoe without a break (10 hours, 25 minutes), the fastest sailing (4.3 mph … Continue reading »

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The night shift

Fire ants (these appear to be native Southern fire ants, Solenopsis xyloni, but could be imported Solenopsis invicta) make trails from their principal burrows to a good food source requiring extended dismemberment and caravan work. This trail is 48 feet long. In north Georgia, we would only see parts of these trails, as most of … Continue reading »

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Friday, 11/2/12 Today’s miles: 16.8, Today’s paddling miles: 16.8, Cumulative miles: 491.1, Cumulative paddling miles: 456.4 I have very tenuous cell coverage, even on Verizon, so I will be brief. I am in a much nicer campsite tonight than last night, except for the mosquitoes. Someone really needs to feed these guys, because they are … Continue reading »

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I really appreciate all the trees, but my two favorite along this part of the river at river birch (Betula nigra) and sycamore (Platanus occidentalis). Sycamores usually stand out in a crowd, due to a combination of size, shape, foliage color and texture, and especially the color and texture of the bark. The bark has … Continue reading »

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Safety issues

Being out here by myself and no longer being twenty years old have caused me to be pretty thoughtful about safety. Two cases in point. 1. The banks are quite high here, about 40 feet, and I didn’t want to chance a fall trying to climb, so I paddled until I spotted a decent cleft … Continue reading »

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