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Nuggets while they last

Matt Aiken captured some great photos and wrote a very nice article, which is currently available online (  ).  I don’t know how long it will be up, but I would imagine that next week’s edition will replace it.  Matt made one little mistake about which river I started in (the Chattahoochee, not the … Continue reading »

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Chomping at the bit.

The holiday with family and friends has been wonderful, and I cherish time with my wife, Kathy, but I’m ready to get back on the river!  I have taken care of a lot of administrative issues and rebuilt our pump house plumbing, so about all I have to do is get a paper written and … Continue reading »

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Holiday break

Today’s miles: 19.9 Trip miles: 1084.7 My daughter, Erin, picked me up early Wednesday afternoon at Swift Creek Park, between Selma and Montgomery. It was a tough paddling day, with headwinds nearly the whole way, but still a good day to be on the river (or R. E. Woodruff Lake in this case). I plan … Continue reading »

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Those Apalachicola sandbars

Bonny Putney told me about the beautiful sandbars along the Apalachicola River, and I had scoped them out on Google Earth, but I still didn’t appreciate how cool they would be until I got here. It really is huge, probably 400 yards by 100 yards and covered with a mixture of very coarse sand, pea … Continue reading »

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An interesting twist

About thirty minutes ago, a young man who identified himself as Chuck DeVane, the interim supervisor of Morgan Falls (or something like that) came by and kicked me out of the house.  He also told me that I couldn’t go on the river at night, but I had to leave.  After some negotiation, he allowed … Continue reading »

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Thanks once again Bob & Georgia Power

Today’s miles: 10.7 Today’s paddling miles: 10.7 Cumulative miles: 132.9 Cumulative paddling miles: 103.4 I sampled and paddled today, but the dye detection didn’t go too well. I have not checked, but it looks like there was a release at Buford dam today, which would have been the first since the gully washer storm. The … Continue reading »

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Natural Levee

The embankment to the right was created by hundreds of years of sediment deposits. Each time the river overflows its banks, it deposits a sediment layer. The river is just to the right in this photo

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Patience – Waiting for the dye cloud

Today’s miles: 11.6 Today’s paddling miles: 11.6 Cumulative miles: 110.3 Cumulative paddling miles: 80.8 I set up on a rock outcrop in mid river to wait for the dye. I’ve learned to turn the fluorometer pump off until about a minute before I need to take a fluorescence reading in order to conserve the battery.

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Foggy on Lake Lanier

…but still quite a few fishermen out here.

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Finish Lanier, back on the river, 10/3/12

Today’s miles: 9.3  Today’s paddling miles: 8.3  Cumulative miles: 98.7 Cumulative paddling miles: 69.2 Too much flow downriver to run a dye trace today, so I made camp early and will dispense dye early tomorrow morning. I set out from Bethel Park around 8:30 and arrived at Buford Dam about 10:45. The portage was fairly … Continue reading »

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