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Author Archives: Robert Fuller

About Robert Fuller

Professor of Geoscience, Director of the Environmental Leadership Center and the Predator Beetle Lab

Nuggets while they last

Matt Aiken captured some great photos and wrote a very nice article, which is currently available online (  ).  I don’t know how long it will be up, but I would imagine that next week’s edition will replace it.  Matt made one little mistake about which river I started in (the Chattahoochee, not the … Continue reading »

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Another fine story by Shannon Casas, Gainesville Times

Shannon Casas is someone to watch. This young woman has now written three pieces on my trip, and she always gets it right. She listens, she gets the facts right, and she writes well. Her stories are available online. The latest, with a nice attached video, is at .

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Done, but just beginning

Wednesday, 2/13/2013: 0.1 mile Trip: 1,502.7 miles I officially finished the trip at Elvin and Nancy Hilyer’s house Wednesday afternoon by paddling up to Chuck Shoals to the incredibly warm welcome of a crowd of friends and supporters. The really big surprise was seeing daughters, Erin and Sarah, who came over from Auburn, Alabama. Elvin, … Continue reading »

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Richard Grove

If you paddle the rivers of Georgia much, there is a good chance that you have met Richard, but whether you have met him or not, you have almost certainly benefited from his efforts. Richard is tireless in his efforts to clean up Georgia’s rivers. One week he will be pulling tires from the Yellow … Continue reading »

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Stopped just short

Today’s miles: 5.1 Trip: 1502.6 miles I am essentially done with my expedition, but I stopped just a tenth of a mile short of completion. This was so that friends could celebrate the conclusion of the trip with me next Wednesday. This was the toughest section yet, although yesterday was the tougher day, due to … Continue reading »

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My friends warned me

Today: 8.3 miles Trip: 1497.5 miles Richard Grove, Steve Harris, Mike Saunders, and Joe Smith all helped get me in the water at GA 136 this morning and shuttle my car up to Castleberry Bridge. Richard and Steve put in at Steve’s house near Castleberry Bridge and spent the day clearing trees from the river. … Continue reading »

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Three very tough but successful days

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days. I’ve just been so cold and tired that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Yesterday was the easiest of the three, so I got my journal current, which I will now share: Tuesday, 2/5/13: 15.2 miles; Trip: 1468.7 miles Wednesday, 2/6/13: 11.9 miles; Trip: 1480.6 miles … Continue reading »

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Almost bit off more than I could chew

Today: 14.0 miles Trip: 1453.5 miles Richard Grove took me back to the point upriver of Canton where he took me off January 22. With the owner’s permission, we portaged the boat and equipment down through a pasture, loaded the boat (probably a mistake) and then maneuvered down into the water. It was a difficult … Continue reading »

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Sidelined by floods… again!

Paddled 1-29-13: 16.4 miles (4.1 miles were repeated from previous week) Trip: 1439.5 miles Richard Grove and I went back below Rome Monday to work on the sections of the Coosa River and the Etowah that I had skipped.  I’ve written about what a great day Monday was, knocking out seventeen miles that I had … Continue reading »

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Got my confidence back.

Today: 17.0 miles Trip: 1423.1 miles Richard and I met at a convenience store west of Rome this morning, dropped a car a Lock and Dam Park, and then drove to the Old River Road boat ramp on the Coosa. We paddled the ten miles upriver to Lock and Dam Park with no great difficulty. … Continue reading »

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