The award winning UNG Politically Incorrect Club is now “The Nighthawks Politics Club”. During the Fall 2020 semester, club members nominated several new names and voted on the one they thought would be best reflect the goals of the organization. The present club officers are President Taylor Mullikin, V.P. Sam Church, Treasurer Noah Bryan, Press Officer Grant Nichols, and Secretary Skylar Luke.

The “The Nighthawks Politics Club” has won numerous awards for events held on the Gainesville campus including UNG Annual Blue and Gold Award for “Best New Event” in 2020 and UNG Annual Blue & Gold “Student Organization of the Year” Award in 2018. The club has hosted 120 federal, state, and local public figures as guest speakers since its creation in 1999.

According to Dr. Douglas Young (Professor of Political Science and academic advisor for the Nighthawks Politics Club), “the organization proves every week that people from all across the political spectrum can freely and honestly discuss every issue in a mutually respectful way and have a good time to boot.”

The Nighthawks Politics Club offers students a forum to talk about controversial issues or any topic of a political nature. The club does not promote a single ideology; it welcomes all political perspectives and has included speakers from across the political spectrum. The group has visited many places of political and historical import, including Washington, D.C.; our state capitol; President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Little White House” in Warm Springs, GA; President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class in Plains, Georgia; the Winder home of U.S. Sen. Richard Russell; and Gainesville’s Piedmont Hotel Museum, once run by Confederate Gen. and late 19th century Civil Rights champion James Longstreet (the only general from the War Between the States – on either side – to publicly come out for full civil rights for all the former slaves, including equal voting rights – which almost cost him his life).

The Nighthawks Politics Club meets every Monday on the Gainesville Campus from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Strickland Building, Room 168 by the student lounge. Members vote on topics to discuss during each of their meetings. They also sponsor many events throughout each semester. In February 2020, the club held a voter registration event gearing up for the 2020 Primary and Election. The club endeavors to encourage students to participate in a variety of civic activities and public service.