UNG PSIA student, Jelma Flores-Mota

UNG Senior Jelma Flores-Mota, of Gainesville, GA is a Political Science major, with a Pre-Law Concentration, and minoring in Public Relations. She is also the President of UNG’s Student Government Associated (SGA).

Flores-Mota grew up in Gainesville, GA and attended North Hall High School. In her spare time, when she is not juggling her academic load and being the first university-wide SGA President, she enjoys listening to music, photography, makeup and hanging out with her family.

When asked why she chose to attend UNG, she said that she was drawn to it because she had friends and family that studied here and that they “loved it.” It was an easy decision for her because she was also able to stay close to home, which was important to her.

One may ask what gets someone interested in politics, and specifically, a pre-law concentration.

“What got me interested in politics, was as being a minority, and having a minatory background, I believe that it is important to stay up to date and aware of what is going on, not only near you in your city and state, but also just around the world,” said Flores-Mota.

Flores-Mota also described what got her interested in law.

“I remember in high school, I took a business law class, with Ms. Filcheck. She actually made us do a mock trial and brought in prosecutors and defense attorneys and they were there along the way to help us through the process of studying the case and looking at the evidence. We were able to go to the Hall County Courthouse to do the mock trial.”

With her classes and being SGA president, she is very busy student. How does she balance all of her responsibilities as a student and SGA president?

“The way that I am balancing it, is just making sure that one doesn’t take over the other,” said Flores-Mota. “I am keeping a well 50/50 balance and having those times separate and trying not to do two things at the same time”

Flores-Mota wants to thank the former students for laying an “amazing foundation to work with.” She described UNG as “an amazing school with a lot of resources.”

To prospective students, she wants to stress that UNG has “amazing opportunities, including internships and study abroad opportunities.” She highly recommends to prospective students to look into UNG.